Fairy Garden

Students will create a collaborative Fairy Garden. Pupils will get to know and intoduce folk tales with fairies and elves to other nations. They will compare them. Each school will prepare a real fairy garden in their school. We make photos of our garden and create a large garden connecting them. Finally we will have a common map of our „Magical Fairy Garden”.


  1. To make our students learn with fun.
  2. To have knowledge about European Languages
  3. Exploring similarities and differences between their own language and tales and different languages and tales
  4. Making friends from different countries
  5. Enjoy the pleasure of doing business together and creating common products.
  6. To gain the skills of problem solving, making analysis and synthesis different kind of information by referring to outcomes in the lessons with stem philosophy.
  7. To gain individuals who use technology correctly.
  8. We want to educate (raise) individuals who create with technology, do not consume it.


Our students will enjoy learning with fun. They will discover the similarities and differences between their own language and different languages. We will share all our work on Twinspace. We will create a blog for our project. We will create a beautiful large garden in a common transparent with original works of our students.